A Course In Miracles Review

I decided to share my A Course In Miracles review with readers on the internet in hopes that it could help women that have lost hope in ever conceiving a baby. Getting pregnant naturally is the whole basis behind the book “Pregnancy Miracle” written by Lisa Olson. There are many other guides on the internet that claim that they are all natural but they also add drugs and even IVF in them.

In my humble opinion, these guides are not by any stretch of the imagination all natural. Once you look at all the ugly side effects the drugs and surgeries have which these other guides suggest using, you will see that in most cases they cause more harm than good. Ms Olson’s 240 page book has been put together with nothing but natural and holistic methods to help you overcome the causes of infertility.

Lisa has spent over 14 years researching to find not only the causes of infertility, but thankfully the cures. She has put together what she learned from a practitioner of Chinese homeopathic medicine and a midwife not only to help others, but to overcome her battle with infertility. She has covered in her research not only the physical but also the nutritional cause of infertility. She shows in her pregnancy miracle 5 step program that she can permanently reverse infertility.

A study she has conducted shows with women ranging in age from 28 to 43 they found that 27 out of 35 women became pregnant after doing her 5 step system. Lisa actually went through believing she was infertile for 14 years but is now the proud mother of two healthy children. Her book not only covers infertility in women but also in men.

Her Pregnancy Miracle guide has been sold to women in over 131 countries all over the world. It has helped hundreds of women with infertility problems become pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. Women got pregnant that all thought for years after trying everything else out there that this would never happen for them. She has proven without using any drugs or surgeries that with her 5 step plan you can get pregnant and have healthy babies.

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