Are Your Glasses Out of Style?

You’ve got those big, bulky bottle glasses that cover your entire face, but they’re still in fashion, right? Yes, you need to be able to see, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion for sight. You can have both. Eyeglass frames have come a long way from the dark ages of vision correction, and now you can customize your frames to accessorize with your outfits.

Fashion trends change from year to year, and what was once fashionable may be old news next year. Just a year or two ago, big round frames were in fashion with sunglasses, and thick black eyeglass frames were all the rage. Now Ray-Ban aviator glasses are back in style. Much like fashion design, eyeglass style change, and so should your frames.

Coordinating Your Style

Designer frames change just as frequently as the seasons. Many frames change to match the current designer fashions on the clothing rack. Your glasses should change as well. Many of the eyeglass frame trends follow the fashion design trends, and many fashion designers are developing eyeglass frames to coordinate with their own fashion lines. Chances are that your favorite designer has their own line of designer eyeglasses to coordinate with your outfits. Glasses are not just functional, but are an accessory too. Don’t forget to include them in your overall look!

Eye Exams and New Frames

Your eye health is as important as your style, so be sure to schedule your annual eye examination to ensure your eye’s overall health. This appointment not only monitors the vision changes you have, it can also mean new glasses. Most insurance companies will cover an eye exam and in certain cases, offer discounts on the purchase of new glasses. Which means you can revamp your style with new eyeglass frames.

Don’t settle for the same old boring eyeglass frames you’ve had for years. Peruse the selection at your local eye glass retailer. Try on as many styles as you can. Some retailers even have a virtual try-on application which lets you run through hundreds of different styles and find a style that fits your face and your personality.

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