Blue Paradise DR giving pleasure to tourist

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Blue Paradise DR must have to visit. Beaches and islands have various old churches and museums which reflects the culture and tradition. Aruba vacation is another best option if one is planning to have a wonderful holiday. It is also the most popular place as a tourist attraction. If you visit this place you can see that the Aruba is been divided in two parts. Like one side is been cover by the coral ridges, reefs and cliffs. Another side is been cover with the Caribbean Sea where you can have a best adventurous activities to be done. There are plenty of beautiful beaches one can experience in Aruba vacation. This place is been know as blue paradise with stunning landscapes, rugged mountains, blue water beaches and lot more. Those who are nature lover and surfer such majority of tourist come here ever year to have an Aruba vacation.

Different facilities are available:

                                                                   There are many facilities from classic and luxurious hotels, restaurants to dine. Nightlife is a worth here to experience and many more site attraction for tourist. Manuel Antonio National Park is been located at the Central Pacific Coast in Costa Rica. It is been the tourists spot while they are on a tour to Costa Rica. While exploring this place you can see there are many sites to enjoy with families and group of friends. These places are including small beaches, bays, wild rainforest, landscapes and mountains. This pleasant weather will make you to stay here and visit again and again. In Manuel Antonio National Park you can swim into the beaches or just can hike on the rugged mountain. Another adventurous activity to be done here is scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, rafting and lot more. There are many different species to be found here from birds, animals and insects.

Travel here for once:

                                             Thousands of divers travel annually to explore the depths of the amazing underwater world of the Red Sea. How many of them, I wonder, spare a moment to question the paradox of this dazzling blue paradise described red? Of course the name doesn’t indicate permanent red color as the water is most definitely blue when viewed from afar. There golden green around the reefs and transparent when scooped up into one’s hand. But just why the Red Sea is so called is complicated mystery and while several theories abound, none are conclusive. The sea has been variously known throughout history as the ‘Arabian Gulf’ or the ‘Erythraean Sea’. In fact ancient Egyptian mariners referred to this same body of water as the ‘Great Green’ or ‘Green Sea’. Conversely the name ‘Erythraean Sea’ has also been applied to the waters around the Southern Arabian Peninsula.

When these algae blooms die off the blue-green color of the sea appears to change to that of reddish-brown. Some say the name is taken from the sometimes peculiar red coloring on the waters caused by the light of the setting sun reflecting off the mountain ranges of the surrounding Sinai Peninsula. In Hebrew these mountains are in fact call the ‘Rubi Mountains’.

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