Common Mistakes Made by First Time Flyers

Most domestic flights today offer a seamless flying experience. Well trained air crew is committed to help seasoned and new travelers at every step. Yet, if you are about to fly for the first time, there could be a few travel mistakes. The good news is that these can be easily avoided if you are a little more mindful than usual.

If you are new to air travel, here are a few things to be careful of. These will ensure a safe and a comfortable journey. 

Overweight Luggage 

Not packing correctly is something that even experienced travelers sometimes do. For new fliers, it is important to stop yourself from stuffing the bags. The general rule here is to pack as light as possible. Check with the weight and size of baggage permitted by the airlines. If you exceed the limit, you may be charged for excess baggage. Before booking your flight tickets, do check the airline’s official website to know the restrictions. Some airlines permit more luggage than others.

Uncomfortable Clothes 

The temperature inside domestic flights is usually well regulated. However, you might start feeling cold after a while. Make sure to carry a light jacket in case the flight is a long one. Apart from this, try to wear clothes that are comfortable to sit in. Avoid anything that is too fitted.  Lastly, choose a pair of shoes that are cozy and can be taken off easily if required.

Unnecessary Panicking
First time flyers are most likely to panic since the airport can get a little confusing at times. One way to avoid this is to reach the airport at least 2 hours early for domestic flights. You will have ample time in hand to get your luggage checked, collect your pass, cross the security and reach your right boarding gate. If you have any doubts, ask an airport personnel or find the counter of your airlines. Remain calm and follow the instructions given to you.

Forgetting Food

Certain domestic flight bookings in India include meals. However, from the time you leave home to the time you finally step inside the plane can be long. You might feel exhausted and hungry after a while. It’s best to carry your own food. Pack light snacks like fruits, chocolate bars and biscuits. Airport stalls can be quite expensive, so you can save a few bucks here while satiating your hunger pangs.

Being Extra Conscious 

Yes, you should double check your flight timings, flight tickets, and your essentials. But there is no point being overly cautious. This way you may lose out on the experience of flying. Talk to your fellow passenger and do some people watching as well. Update your social media about your experience and indulge in some vlogging. If at all you wish to have a fancy coffee, go for it. Make sure you do not regret missing out on anything you wanted to do but couldn’t. 

Keeping these basic tips in mind will ensure you have a great story to tell later. 

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