Jesus A Gospel Of Love, But I’m His Favorite

Have you seen this bumper sticker?  My husband sent me a photo of it on a day he was out among the masses. We both laughed at it but only because we know the Truth, Jesus A Gospel Of Love either has NO favorites or all those that believe on Him ARE His favorite.

I choose to believe what Max Lucado said once “If God kept a calendar, my birthday would be circled in red” and “If God had a car, my name would be on the bumber sticker“.  My husband and I both feel this way and rightfully so. But, this little bumper sticker played a humorous part in our lives recently.

Our marriage is not like most. Take for example, how we fight.  In the first few years of our marriage, our arguments were very passionate.   These were our pharisee days when we would both hurl bible verses at each other thinking that we could both get our way if we made it clear that God was on our side.  As you can imagine, we threw verses around like they were weapons.

Those days are gone.  Now, after letting Ephesians 5:21 (And further, submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.) settle into our hearts, we really have no excuse for letting arguments linger or insisting on our own prideful ways.  Some verses grip you tight and try as you might, you cannot get away from them.

So, I am on my way to the day job and get stopped for speeding.  Was I speeding? Yes, of course.  It just so happens that the place I was stopped, Matt had been stopped twice before, both times for speeding.

I was caught dead to rights going 14 miles over the speed limit.  In our state 14 miles over the speed limit carries a fine of $150.00 and 2 points. We are desperately trying to save money and in this economy this is not an easy task. I felt like Lucy having to tell Ricky Ricardo about the mischievous thing she had done.

While I waited for the officer to write my ticket, I quickly sent a text message to my husband telling him I had been stopped for speeding and hopefully alerting him not to speed himself. When the officer returned, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he had issued me a warning.  The officer and I exchanged our papers (I took the blue one) and I was on my way.

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