Restaurants in Rock Hill, South Carolina

If you’re looking for a place to live near downtown Austin that still has a community feel, look no further than the Great Restaurants in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This area has been part of the Austin landscape since the 1970s and it has grown by leaps and bounds, while still holding onto the neighborhood feel. It’s got a lot of freeway accessibility, a variety of restaurants and stores to choose from and it’s very close to downtown Austin so residents can take part in the amenities there as well.

Great Hills resides near the intersection of Loop 360 and Highway 183. The northern boundary of the neighborhood is Fireoak Drive/Rain Creek parkway and it is bordered by Rain Creek parkway and Yaun Drive on the east and west, respectively. Although most residents travel by car, there are a few Capital Metro stops in the Great Hills area.

The residents are a good mix of young married folks, families, older students and young professionals. About half of the people in the area rent their homes, and there are many apartment complexes in the area. If you’re interest in buying in this area, there’s something for every price range. In 2008, the prices ranged from $200,000 up above $700,000. Although the neighborhood was establish in the 1970s, there are homes that have built as recently as the early 2000s.

It isn’t as family oriented as other areas of Austin, but there are still a lot of families to connect with if you do have children. There are two different school districts represent in the Great Hills neighborhood, depending on where you live. The Austin Independent School District includes Hill Elementary, Murchison Middle School and Anderson High School. The Round Rock Independent SchoolD District includes North Oaks Elementary, Canyon Vista Middle School and Westwood High School.

If you like outdoor activities, there are many different options in the Restaurants in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Social memberships are available to the Great Hills Country Club which afford you access to the tennis courts, the pool and the club house. The club also features an excellent golf course. The Austin Hills Park is another popular location in the neighborhood for outdoor activities. It has a nature trail for hiking, playground equipment and picnic tables. Bull Creek Park features wide open green lawns, swimming and hiking.

For amenities, there are several shops and restaurants in Great Hills. It’s also close to the Arboretum area which has a lot of shopping and eating opportunities. This outdoor mall like structure features popular stores and restaurants like Barnes and Noble. The Cheesecake Factory, REI and Whole Foods. There are also two movie theaters and several coffee shops.

All in all, Great Hills is consider to one of the most convenient places to live in Austin. It’s close to shopping, has great schools and a real community environment, along with some terrific outlets for outdoor activities. If you’re interest in seeing homes in the Great Hills neighborhood, contact your Austin real estate agent today.

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