Starting a Living Church Ministries in Your Local Church

When you get involved in a new Living Church Ministries, if you feel you are comfortable there and you have benefited from attending, it’s not uncommon to have a desire to get involved in serving within some capacity in the church.

This may take the form of involving yourself in already established forms of ministry within your church, or it may be that you feel a specific inspiration to start something new.

All of us are on earth for a reason, discovering and living out our life purpose is one of the most fulfilling things we will do in life. Often church can be a forum where this is discovered. Below I would like to highlight some key considerations I feel will greatly benefit anyone embarking on involvement in ministry or leadership.

Start with WHY?

A book I highly recommend is called ‘Start with WHY’ by Simon Sinek, it conveys the fact that in order for our endeavours to have longevity and real influence, we must ‘Start with WHY’.

Ask yourself; ‘WHY’ do I want to get involved with this particular ministry, or begin this ministry? Who stands to benefit? And why do I care? Jesus conveyed His ‘WHY’ When He was on this earth, He said; “I have come that you may have life and that more abundantly.” When we define our ‘WHY’ It’s the foundation for our vision and enables us to see clearly whether or not were on course. It also enables us to not be side tracked by other ideas, because we know clearly what we have set out to achieve.

Write it down!

It’s been said that one of the habits of successful people is that they write down their goals. Again as with establishing your ‘WHY’ clearly delineating your objectives enables you to maintain perspective when life seeks to derail your best laid plans. So write down your vision, this will also help when you need to convey it to others, whether you need to get leaders on board or when seeking to rally others to participate in your cause. It could be that what you are embarking on is simply joining an already established function within the church like the choir or Sunday school, but having a clear vision for your role and objectives enables you to maximise your contribution and develop yourself and your skills which will open opportunities for you in the future.

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