Things To Do And See In Nice France

The city of Nice France 5th most populated city and situated at the heart of the idyllic French Riviera. With the Mediterranean Sea and sandy beaches on its doorstep, Nice is a great place to escape to in search of sunshine and relaxation, with thousands of holidaymakers and city visitors choosing to do so throughout the year and not just during the peak summer holiday months.

For those that have previously visited Paris, the South of France can feel like a million miles away. With the streets lined with tropical palm trees and the typical wet Parisian weather a rarity.

One of the real strengths of Nice in terms of a destination to visit is that being a city with a beach it is capable of catering to diverse tastes. For some, a weekend break away is the perfect time to relax on the beach soaking up the sunshine. Whereas for others, visiting a new city is all about exploring and experiencing all that the city has to offer.

As you would expect from the French Riviera, Nice has its fair share of glitz and glam. But it also has its historical places such as the Old Town which is located right next to the main port. The Old Town comprises of the main square and a number of quiet backstreets full of tucked away cafés and shops. Within just a few minutes walking distance you can make your way to the modern port area which is full of impressive yachts and sleek modern restaurants. At night, the port area is also a popular place to venture to for people looking for a nightclub.

Nice France is home to a number of prestigious art galleries and museums, with the Matisse Museum named after. And home to a number of works by one of France’s most celebrated artists in recent times. If visiting an art gallery isn’t something you consider doing while visiting a city on a short break. Nice offers you the opportunity to get your toes wet to see what all of the fuss is about.

If you have more than a couple of days available. Hiring a car and driving along the coast is a must do. Monaco and Cannes are both less than an hour away by car with spectacular scenery along the way. Continuing in a South-Westerly direction from Cannes takes you to Toulon, Marseille, and eventually Montpellier. One idea could be to book your arriving flight to Nice France and the departing flight from Marseille. Or the other way around depending where you would prefer to finish the trip.

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